Monday, October 16, 2006

The Weekend

This was a fun weekend. I got out pretty early from the office on Friday - at least by my standards, 6.30 pm. I ran home, dropped my things off and headed to "People" in the Lower East Side. Faustus, M.D. was giving a reading there at 7 pm and so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see him live. Of course, I got there, saw him and then didn't know how to approach him to say hello, and I didn't. The reading was very entertaining and he is very funny in person.

After that, I had dinner with an old friend I haven't seen in a while. He has gone through some tough times, being unemployed and unable to find a new job. He seemed in good spirits, very jovial and conversational. It was nice spending time with him again, as he holds a special place in my heart. After my break up from my 4 1/2 year relationship, he was the first person I met and he helped me at a difficult time in my own life.

Saturday was the typical personal training session at the gym. I dutifully report that the abdominal section is still in repose and not nearing 6-pack status. The workout was very good and my trainer was a blast. He keeps me moving and flexing.

After that, I ran to an appointment to see an apartment. This building, in the Village, just got refurbished so I thought I would take a look. I was very disappointed. I went home, did some work and then got ready for my evening at Radio City.

I met my friends at Ritz, a new bar in Hell's Kitchen, or new to me at least. We had a couple of drinks and then strolled on over to Radio City. We got there just as the show was opening and from then until the end of the show, I did not stop dancing. It was liberating. My friends had a good time and I bumped into several other acquaintances during intermission. Such a small world.

After that, we had dinner at Hell's Kitchen, one of my favorite nouvelle Mexican cuisine restaurants. Our conversation was diverse, from dating, to not dating, to work and fashion. It was nice to kick back with people I hold dear. The couple that invited me to this show is the couple that got married in the Berkshires. There was a lot to talk about, from wrapping down the wedding to their future plans. It was terrific to see that marriage is no longer impossible and that stability and love can be found.

Following our dinner, we went our separate ways and I decided to go bar-hopping, alone. It was nice to just spend time with myself, to contemplate recent events and my life as it now stands.

I ended up at a bar near my apartment and bumped into, yet again, another friend. He was there with a group of his friends and his boyfriend. I got a chance to spend time with him and with one of his friends he has been meaning to introduce me. His friend and I had a nice talk about restaurants, New York, the concert and cuisines. He seems like a really nice guy.

Sunday was just a relaxing day at home. Had coffee with a guy I met on, definitely too young for me, but nice all the same. The rest of the day I just stayed at home, played with my dog and watched junk TV and movies. FYI, Scary Movie 4 sucks. What possessed me to put that on my queue?



tim said...

I love weekends like that. Nothing but nice times to help you really appreciate what you have.

TCho said...

Weekends are always too short.