Monday, May 01, 2006


I am a big movie fan. Lately, I really haven't been feeling the urge though to go out to the movies. Mostly because many of my friends don't enjoy it as much as I do and see the idea of going into a theater for 2 hours as a waste of time when there is "so much to do".

So, in that vein, I have become more of a DVD person, subscribing to Blockbuster Online and setting up a queue of movies I want to watch.

Yesterday, before my friends arrived for another dinner I cooked for them, I started watching Shopgirl, which I finished moments ago. I was impressed with the humanity of the characters and their weaknesses.

Steve Martin is both afraid of falling in love and at the same time, desiring a part of Claire Dane's character as a cautionary measure of not letting go and being hurt. In the end, he says that he misses her, although he kept her at bay in order to never have to miss her. Powerful and bittersweet, but marvelous nonetheless.

I am so buying it.


p.s. I actually do, on occasion, go to the movies alone, but doing it all the time takes the fun out of some of it too.

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tim said...

OH, just go to the movies by yourself. It's so liberating. I plan on doing it this coming Wednesday because nobody wants to see the movie "Stick It".